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affiliatesThe Addictions Academy Affiliate Program for classes. Are you ready to help create an Army of Trained and Credentialed people across the world to help the addicted and afflicted get help? Do you want to offer the best addiction and mental health training on the market to your clients? TAA’s Affiliate Program for classes will help you earn extra cash (and you don’t even have to sell anything) just recommend our classes with your unique affiliate link!

As an Affiliate Referral Partner, you will post your link on your social media, and hand it to everyone you know who might want to get going on a new career or add services to their existing practice. You can even sign up treatment centers for training! If you want our sales team to call the student or treatment center for you and close the deal, we will. Just email us the details and we will do all the leg work and pay you for your referral!

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate (see below!)
Step 2: Get your referral link (check your email after step 1)
Step 3: Market your link to your network or audience
Step 4: Your referral link is used to purchase one of the programs
Step 5: You get commission up to 20%*
Step 6: Have an additional stream of income by recommending our programs.

This is NOT an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or a Pyramid Scheme, this is a way for you to make a little passive income by introducing us to your network that might want to take classes.

We offer 40 classes, 20 plus teachers and we have educated and trained people in 28 countries. Our courses and certifications are translated into 5 languages and can train in person, via webinar (live virtual classroom), or self-study. Each course is comprehensive and self-contained. We also offer signature products like Train the Trainer (call for details), Sponsorship Marketing (for Treatment Centers), and Sober on Demand (for your clients that won’t go to treatment). Dr. Cali Estes has created a way for you to simply refer us and her team will do the rest!

*Conditions for Receiving Credit

Credit will be awarded for Qualified Affiliates who meet the following conditions:

The Referred Student must use the unique link from an affiliate in good standing with TAA.
If a Referred Student receives more than one unique affiliate link, TAA will provide the credit to the person whose affiliate link is used to complete the registration process regardless of when the Links were sent.
If a Referred Student registers for a new program using any other method, the registration will not count as a Qualified Referral and the Referrer will not earn Credit.
The Referred Student may not combine the link with any other monetary offer.
Self-referrals for affiliate purchases are strictly prohibited. This means that you cannot refer yourself by using your affiliate link. You will not receive a commission on any purchases by yourself for your own use.
The Affiliate MUST complete the process below and submit a W9 from for tax purposes.
The Referred Student must purchase the program at its full price for the Affiliate to get a commission.
Once you sign up, please sign in using your affiliate username, not your email. Once you log in you will see your Affiliate link that will be listed below.

If you want to make a specific product an Affiliate link, please use the link generator below.

Please complete and sign this form. It will be used for your W-9 so you can be paid.

Affiliate Registration Form - The Addictions Academy

  • Please sign, this will be used for your W-9.
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