Nationally Certified Advanced Intervention Professional (NCAIP)

Advanced Clinical Intervention Training  with Supervision – Meets PA CIP requirements



This Advanced Clinical Intervention Training Course covers techniques that meet the unique Pennsylvania Certification Board requirement (to sit for the state exam), the California CAADAC ISE requirements and ALL OTHER requirements for the other states for Intervention Courses.  We will teach you how to provide Intervention services for every type of client, not just one specific model or style. In this course you will gain an overview of all systems, the pre qualifying of the client (unique to The Addictions Academy), pre intervention, intervention, post intervention. We specifically define body language, when and how to end the intervention, how to read your client (spoken and silent cues), how to use family to your advantage, when to do an Individual verses a Family intervention and more. Our classes are always didactic so you will get hands on role play experience. We cover the aggressive client, the crying client, the mental health client, the criminal client and of course Ethics and Legal issues. Become a Certified Interventionist today. Let us teach you how!

When choosing an advanced intervention training course, you want the best most comprehensive National Intervention Training possible.  You need the top certification in the world and you want to learn proven methods and intervention tactics that work and work quickly.   The Addictions Academy and Cali Estes and her staff have created the most comprehensive, Board Approved, Advanced program for Intervention Certification in the world. Our courses include an introduction to the basics of mental health disorders such as Codependency, mood disorders, and other DSM-IV disorders, some problems that you will see when working with families and family members when performing a professional intervention. Our goal is to help you to begin to understand the basic clinical aspects of mental health and commonly seen disorders when working with family members, addicts, alcoholics and people who suffer from all types of compulsive behaviors. We use the exclusive RAAD Model.

We cover Individual, Family and Business Interventions on an in depth level and we teach you tips and tricks to complete the interventions in 4 to 12 hours max from the time you step out of the car or off the plane. The Exclusive RAAD model focuses on body language, client placement, meeting the client at their level and proper placement for continuum care. We even offer 24 hours of clinical supervision to complete your requirements for the PA CIP exam or the CAADAC ISE exams. Advanced Intervention Training. Live, in person 40 hrs. Hands on intervention training.

What is included in each of our intervention training programs:

  • Overview of all models, and strengths and weakness of each
  • RAAD Model   (unique to The Addictions Academy– no one shoe fits all concept)
  • Body Language Concepts
  • Interactive hands on class in person 4 days. or by webinar, select dates.
  • 5 MOCK INTERVENTIONS in real time
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with  Mental Health Clients
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with  Criminal Clients
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with  Wealthy Clients and high profile persons
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with  Special Populations (Aspberger’s, autism, learning disabilities)
  • Family and Individual Intervention Platforms
  • Business Interventions (unique to The Addictions Academy! )
  • Interventions for Anger Management Clients
  • Interventions for Food Addiction and Eating Disorders
  • Interventions for Sex Addicts
  • Interventions for Gambling Addicts
  • Masters Level Teachers with over 1000 actual logged Intervention hours.
  • Evaluation of the proper clinical intervention approach
  • Analysis of correct Case Management Skills prior to the Intervention and post Intervention
  • Bottom line, Impact and Love letters are all addressed
  • Clinical problem solving in unexpected situations during the Intervention
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 The Professional Value of Courses:
  • Increase your client base!
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Add Credentials to your Name
  • Learn from a National Education Provider
  • Make yourself more marketable to treatment centers and others
  • Increase your income WITHOUT TAKING INSURANCE
  • How to market yourself as an Advanced Clinical Interventionist
  • How to expand your clientele base and start your own Intervention Business
  • Contracts and forms for clients, Service Contract, HIPAA Compliance, Duty to Warn, and Confidentially Forms
  • Decrease AMA and APA rate
  • Travel at your leisure with your clients, all expenses paid.


Courses and Certifications Offered by Cali Estes,   All Courses are Evidence Based and Best Practices Models taught by Master’s Level Therapists or higher. Our comprehensive Intervention Training INCLUDES ALL OF THE ABOVE EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION TRAINING SERVICES PLUS MARKETING AND BUSINESS BRANDING TACTICS.

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NAADAC Education Approved Number 130309