Nationally Certified Case Management (NCCM)

Nationally Certified Case Management Training (NCCM)

Nationally Certified in Case Management  (NCCM)
08a539a9-f0fd-4375-bebd-b2f86cae7817.jpgCase Management has never been more important to a client staying sober and getting the proper services needed. A lot of drug and alcohol treatment facilities expect the therapist to provide their own case management for the client and they simply do not have the time to offer both therapy and proper case management.  If a drug and alcohol treatment facility is large enough to have their own case manager on staff, it is imperative that he or she has the proper training to offer services. The Addictions Academy has developed a comprehensive training program in Case Management with full Certification. We cover all the tools necessary for a stellar case manager to assist their clients in getting the best services possible. Your client’s success rates can be improved by your ability to offer an array of services. The Addictions Academy can show you how to market yourself and bill out both on insurance or cash pay with our case management certificate program.

Recently, a new breed of business is opening with people offering case management services to clients coming out of therapy, drug and alcohol treatment and other facilities because the facilities simply do not have time and drop the ball. That is where The Addictions Academy comes in. We train you properly in case management and how to develop the skills necessary to offer top notch case management services for your clients. If having your own company or adding aftercare provider services to your existing list of services is paramount, we will cover all the items you need to succeed with your clients.

What you will Learn:

  • How to assess for proper aftercare placement.
  • Accessing Mental Health Community Services.
  • Accessing Physical Health Services in the Community.
  • Handling Court Documents and Court Requirements.
  • Dealing with Housing and Sober Living facilities.
  • Exploring Employment.
  • Assessments and Decision of Need for each client.
  • Community Involvement and Planning.
  • Care Planning and Smooth Continuum of Care post facility (aftercare services)
  • Implementation of proper case management  services and connections to those services.
  • Review and availability for the client as time passes.
  • Referrals and maintenance of those referrals.
  • Generating income as a Case Manager.
  • Insurance billables and cash pay clients.
  • Attending meetings and plugging into ‘the program’.

The Professional Value of Courses:

  • Increase your client base!
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Add Credentials to your Name
  • Learn from a National Education Provider
  • Make yourself more marketable to treatment centers and others
  • Increase your income WITHOUT TAKING INSURANCE
  • How to market yourself as a Case Manager or Aftercare Services Provider  
  • How to expand your clientele base and start your own Coaching Business
  • Contracts and forms for clients, Service Contract, HIPAA Compliance, Duty to Warn, and Confidentiality Forms
  • Decrease AMA and APA rate
  • Travel at your leisure with your clients, all expenses paid.

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